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How to Travel Safely With a Wedding Dress

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Whether you’re having a destination wedding that is a little far away from home or needs to be driven ten minutes down the road to your venue, every bride wants to make sure they care for their wedding dress for so it stays spotless and smooth for the day.

You might travel by plane, car, train or even a boat, no matter the means through which you travel, believe that you can keep your bridal dress in perfect condition.

When travelling with your bridal dress fill the bodice and sleeves with tissue and cover the entire dress with clean sheets, to be safely glowing and appealing. Also you can put the gown in a tough garment bag or fold gently in a sturdy dress box.

If peradventure, there is a place to hang your bridal dress inside the automobile or plane you carry, it is more preferable to hang your gown as it will be less likely to wrinkle, meanwhile, garment bags are usually waterproof, which adds extra protection for your precious wedding dress.

Below are the guidelines on how to travel safely with a wedding dress, no matter your preference in transit.

If you’re travelling by plane: there is a need to inform your airline in advance that you will travel along with your wedding dress. And don’t check it in with your other luggage; ensure you treat it with ultimate care by carrying it onto the plane along with you.

You may be lucky; they may help you store it in a first-class coat closet or flight attendant closet to keep it safe. If the plane is not full, and you have a spare seat next to you, you may store it there.

Even if you had your wedding dress pressed, there is every tendency to have wrinkled after travel, therefore, leave time to get those wrinkles out before you walk down the aisle.

If in a hotel you lodge, they don’t have a portable steamer, buy one and bring it with you. They aren’t that expensive, so it’s better to spring for one upfront than risk not having your steamer at all.

Another best way is for you to have your gown shipped to your destination in a box, though this is less reliable and not a hundred percent advisable to travel with you.

If you’re travelling by car: when travelling by car, the easiest way to save your bridal dress from wrinkle is to hang it from a hook or flip-down the handle above one of the back seat doors and lay the rest of the wedding dress across the back seat.

Make sure that your driver doesn’t smoke or eats smelly foods while you are travelling to avoid any odours or stain that can unconsciously get onto the fabric. Also, put nothing on your dress or have food nearby when you are in the car. Because you don’t want anything to spill on it or get it dirty.

Similarly, when travelling by car with your wedding dress, always keep your car windows closed, to prevent being stained or dirty by dust. And the last note on travelling with your wedding dress in a car is preferable, find a separate car for other people you are on the journey together, make sure that only you and your gown are in one car so that your dress stretches well and you yourself can take care of the dress from getting a wrinkle.

When travelling by Train: Travelling by train with bridal dress may be a little difficult task, as said above consider any alternative and keep the dress with you all the times.

Preferably, you can keep the gown in a rolling bag like you would do if you were putting your bag in an over headed bin on a plane. Even though it’s hard to predict how much space you’ll get on a train, so bringing the whole garment bag may be a little cumbersome.

Because of this, you might want to consider a different plan of transportation if possible.

Ship your gown ahead your journey: for the most safety of your wedding dress, you might ship your gown by a technique of an excellent transport provider such as FED EX or the United States in a great container.

If you consider this as the best option, ensure you send it overnight with a very reliable carrier like FedEx or send it at least a week before your wedding, just to prevent delay. And so that you can keep track of your precious package along the journey.

At the destination, you can make plans with your venue’s wedding coordinator to help you receive and store the wedding dress until you arrive.

Final Tips

While you may want to take a peek, try to keep your wedding dress in the garment bag from the seamstress until your big day has arrived. Never attempt to take it out, most especially if it is in a bust form.

Though this might vex you as you may not be able to control yourself because you are super excited, there is a risk of damaging it if you take it out.

Howsoever, probably you may not be very good in repackaging your bridal dress the way a presser would, so if you take it apart, you may not repack everything as it was before. And no bride will want to deal with that on her wedding day.

Caution, if something happens while you are on the journey, maybe an accident, call the bridal shop or seamstress right away or even local shop.

Never try to fix things by yourself without professional advice.

It is nonprofessional to set on travel alone with your bridal dress; it is best to have a friend or someone you trust to help you carry the dress.

In the course of doing that, you may be tired of holding it or nervous, you will want someone to help you. It is, therefore, safer, to have someone watch your bridal dress on your behalf.

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