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Yes, we only carry wedding dress. We are holding a massive selection of designer labels with different styles. all hand-picked to suit any bride to get affordable and wow factor dress.

8 Months in Advance is Recommended !

We suggest leaving at least 8-10 months before your wedding but once you set a date and venue, the next thing you want is to start looking at gowns. Making a decision as soon as you find a dress you love will be a big weight off your shoulders and you will avoid any expedite fees that may be incurred if you purchase your gown with less than 6 months time frame.

When your gown is being ordered we will take your measurements and compare them to the size chart from the designer. Then we will order the dress size closest to the measurements taken. Alterations is an essential part of the wedding dress process as it is almost impossible to order a perfect fit dress no matter how accurate we measure you. Every bride has a different body type and your weight may fluctuate over the months as well. Certain styles such as long sleeve mermaid dresses will need more alterations compared to a strapless ball gown due to the fitted nature of the gown.

No, we do not have in-house alterations. Most locations will have a recommended tailors list of trusted tailors that have worked on our gowns in the past, and with positive results from our brides. Please understand that bridal alterations are timely, take dedication, and expertise. We are not responsible for varying quotes or costs for your alterations, but, you can rest easy knowing that they will alter your dress with care, experience, and professionalism. We recommend you plan 1-2 months for your alterations process, and keep in mind tailors prefer two months.

We do not allow for returns, refunds, or exchanges. This is because all dresses are made-to-order. All sales are final so once your payment is processed and the order is placed, you are obliged to follow through with your order. If you have any questions, we’d be happy to answer, and, our policy will be described to you in full detail the day you say yes to the dress.

We require a 50% deposit to place your order. You may pay in full if you wish, but only 50% is needed at the start. The remaining 50% will be due once the dress comes in and you come for pick up.