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Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Dress Silhouette

Wedding Dress Silhouette

Ladies come in various shapes and even though they may share the same dress size but yet still with different interpretation.

This, however, connotes that the same wedding dress silhouette cannot and will never look alike on all bride because they might not share the same body build or shape.

There is nothing exists as an international sizing model, wedding dress designers are inspired by their muse and wedding dress retailers dressed ideally for their customers.

Owing to this, it is balls in the bride’s court to know which wedding dress silhouette complements their body shape.

The main purpose why some people this day most especially bride, find a suitable dress is to create a visual balance for their body shape and outlook.

As this will generate and create attention and focus on their body strength rather than weaknesses.

Conversely, when choosing a dress features, it is advisable to keep in mind the fabric and embellishment of your dress because they mostly create body focus, for the most bride.

Otherwise, you add wrong visual volume to your body shape, which ultimately means that it will make you appear visually unattractive because it has to clutter the wrong body features for your shape.

Similarly, when selecting the wedding dress silhouettes, the only hard and fast principles you should keep is to choose the perfect one.

This perfect fit mostly depends on finding the right wedding dress silhouette that suits your figure. Because this will not only satisfy you but also it makes you look fascinating.

Refer below guide that will give you more direction in the dilemma process of choosing an awesome wedding dress silhouette and make you stand out.

First step, defining your body shape

When going for shopping for your wedding dress silhouette, the first assignment you have to do is to know the type of body shape you have because this will give you the privilege to select perfect fabric that makes your angel looks elegantly in your wedding day. 

Women are in different shapes and each of them matches different wedding dress silhouette.

1. If you consider yourself having womanly hips plus a slim top then you are Triangular. And a silhouette that complements your curves will leave you feeling great of yourself.

 2. If you observe yourself to have a broader top than the bottom, know that you are inverted triangle in shape. So, select a wedding dress silhouette that keeps all people attention on your bottom half in order to create body balance for your shape.

 3. Rectangle Body Shape lacks a waist definition. Therefore, if you are this kind of shape, you need to create that illusion of a waist and stay clear from the waist fitted style of a wedding dress silhouette in order for you to feel amazing fabulous.

 4. Lean Column Body Shape lacks female curves in the bust and hip area. It has either no waist or a very small one. If you are of this shape, you need clutter and volume that makes you look fuller around the waist, arm and heap, So it can create an illusion of female curves for you, to looks fuller around the bust, arm and hip area.

 5. The hourglass shape is considered the most balanced of all shapes. Therefore, if you are of this fan, you can wear more or less of what you like. Yet it is good for you to dress towards what is age and appropriate. Wear a form-fitting and body shape wedding dress silhouette to make it follows your body lines to show your body proportion.

6. Pear Body Shape is one to two sizes smaller on the top than on the bottom. And this creates a problem for someone to find a perfect wedding dress silhouette that fits on to their top and the bottom right. A wedding gown that balances your broader bottom with your narrow shoulders is great for you in that your happiest day to create visual balance.

7. Do you have a fuller bust and tummy with a small waistline, then you have an Apple body shape? A wedding dress that keeps the attention in the top and lower will you befit your day.

Step Two – Matching your shape with a Flattering Silhouette

Wedding dress silhouette comes in lovely of varieties but can cap into five categories. So prior understanding of these gowns and the one that suits your charming body is very essential in choosing a perfect wedding dress silhouette when shopping.


The ball gown is traditional kind fairy tale attire, and it has a much-fitted bodice and the skirt is full. It suits tall, full-figured and hourglass and triangular figure people. However, this is not suitable for people with a small bust or short in height.


It has side seams running down from the armpit and all the way to the hem. It is the most popular among brides of today, the reason because it has flattering allure on a shape. Persons with Pear-shaped figure, short waist are the perfect users that suit this gown. If you are a full figure or have an hourglass figure, it might not look good for you.


It is best for your hourglass shape and Inverted Triangle shape. It also befits a natural slim bride. Slightly below, it flares out like the tail of a mermaid. Although the trumpet gown is the least common wedding dress silhouette. It should be avoided if you are short, have pear-shaped or want to disguise problem area.


It is very elegant in appearance. And it muses folklore, traditional wear and is so fitted in the chest and shoulders. Do you have a wide hip? Do you want to look taller? Do you have a pear shape? If yes, empire waist dears you. This similarly should be avoided if either you are tall, have full figured or large bust.


Sheath wedding dress silhouette or column silhouette is designed in a way to stress your slim fitted or narrow frame. It is stylishly modern and fashionable. It is recommended for the natural slim bride while should not be used if you are full figured, short-waist pear-shaped or trying to hide a certain area.

If you need help choosing the best bridal style for your special day, make an appointment at one of our locations. Our expert stylists can provide more guidance and inspiration to help you choose the dress of your dreams.

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