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Finding Right Wedding Location

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Discovery of the right wedding location for your special day may be easy for some…


Possibly you’ve known for a long time where you’d like for your wedding to take site, consider every detail, and see a perfect vision of yourself walking down the path, but for those who have no idea, the task can feel discouraging at times.


With one or two steps (and a sneaky private researcher-type attitude), you’ll be well on your way to locate the perfect venue for both you and your fiancé.


The right wedding location



1.) Priority Lists:

The first step in wedding planning should be to make a precedence list. Whether you and your fiancé do this together or one by one and then bring your lists together, having this vision list of what matters most to you both will be somewhat like your basecamp. It’s the work announcement, so to speak, about your wedding day. Naturally, your love for each other is most important, but it will help you both make choices when there appear to be too many options or even no clear favorite.

*This list can take in the budget, small familiar ceremony or large, a beach wedding, or even food answer.



2.) Take the Top Two: 

Once you and your fiancé have agreed (marriage is about the agreement, right? ? ) on what your precedence is, take the top two or three priorities on your list and begin your search. In most examples, these top two or three will embrace the size of the wedding and budget, as these will primarily determine where your right wedding location will be.


There are some great sites out there that can help show the search. WeddingWire, The Knot, and Venuelust are just a one or two. We love Vivienne Atelier and find the ease and style of the website to help make it a great search experience. Filter by many guests, budget range, and perhaps even the type of wedding you both are excited about.


 3.) Time of Year: 

Before you can set the confirmed date, you will need to think about a few things. Start with what time of year is best for you as a couple, then take your family and guests into account, but only as a most. There will doubtless be some who will not be able to make it. If you want a long weekend of activities, it’s very kind to your guests to think about work schedules. With a three or four-day weekend, they will not have to overlook too many days of work as they already have them accessible. And a big thing to keep in mind is the climate. High-traffic seasons will tend to be more expensive, have more extensive crowds, and less availability for the desired date.


4.) Last but not Least:

This is such a sensational time, and discovering the right place can feel like a lot on your plate. When you get excited about a venue, go ahead and reach out. Ask them for a brochure or more information. If you are able to, schedule a visit. But our last but not most miniature little piece of advice is never to force anything. This is a day you will never forget, and taking an instant to breathe, look back at that priority list, and possibly even sleep on it before handing over your deposit, will make all the difference. Enjoy this time. What is for the moment to be, will be, just like your love for each other?

And of course,


Congratulations on your engagement!!


What an incredible adventure you are embarking on. We wish you nothing but love and happiness!


At Vivienne Atelier, we believe that all brides matter. We LIVE for love!

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