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Let’s get right down to one of the foremost important aspects of a bride’s big day. Bridal beauty.

There are some ways to organize for the large day in terms of your overall beauty, then some ways actually, things could get a touch overwhelming. But we’re here to assist and provide you with what we discover to be the foremost important things in preparing, and in fact looking amazing, for your day.

Oh, Yes. You guessed it. Water

It’s definitely no secret. Water is amazing. Water hydrates you, gives you energy, and even helps with weight loss. Add some lemon or cucumbers if you’d sort of a different taste. Plus, lemon in your water has plenty of benefits, especially a warm cup of lemon water at the very first thing in the morning. Really sets up the entire day to be positive.

Exfoliating & Moisturize

Exfoliating the face and body is important in getting that lovely bridal glow and definitely something you would like to try to do before any kind of tanning.


You hear it all the time and permanently reason. Exercising isn’t only good for getting bridal ready but your overall health. Stepping into a workout routine months before the marriage is a superb idea, but we propose ensuring you modify the routine every so often to make sure your body is getting the change you desire. Sometimes doing an equivalent exercise routine over and again plateaus and therefore the body won’t do it.

And by the way, with a throwback to our beverage above. Exercising without having had much water beforehand can hamper your body when understanding. So best practice is to start out with a beverage two hours before you hit the gym. Now if you’re employed out of the very first thing within the morning, leave a bottle of water next to your bed, so you’ll start drinking right once you awaken. Of course, confirm to stay beverages during and after exercise.

Whitening your teeth

A whitening treatment, whether at your dentist or with an at-home treatment, is best done a month before. Especially with at-home treatments, if you are feeling as you get on the brink of the long day that you simply want them even whiter, you’ve got time to go into your dentist to urge them professionally done. you actually want to point out those pearly whites!

Practice your self-tanning

Some brides tan and a few don’t. So don’t feel that it’s a must-do. you’re beautiful even as you’re and if you would like to try to do it, we are saying choose it. We do suggest starting a couple of months before the large day so you’ve got much time to make a decision upon your favorite method. Try airbrushing or maybe an at-home sunless tanner. We’ve had great experiences with Tropez, but again, find what works best for you and once you’ve decided, confirm to schedule that point before the marriage to try to do it. The second and third days always seem to be the simplest for the “look” as this may have given your tan much time to line in and shouldn’t get everywhere your white dress.


Yep. Nutrition. But we certainly don’t mean doing anything crazy. you’re beautiful precisely the way you’re, but there are some foods that are good to remain far away from due to things like those pesky breakouts. Like greasy fries and pizza. Oh, they taste amazing, but it looks like the very next day we seem to possess a minimum of one making a presence. Alcohol is another factor. Dehydration is one thing, supplying you with red and blotchy cheeks, but an excessive amount of alcohol also can make a breakout appear.

The best thanks to confirming your stay track are meal planning and eating out less. Pick foods that nourish you and cause you to feel great. We definitely don’t recommend starving yourself.

Take your b’s and c’s

Multivitamins are definitely on our essentials list as your B-complex vitamin promotes healthy strong hair and glossy nails. Collagen and vitamin C also are really great for overall body health. you’ll find these great supplements at your local grocery or at any food store.


Yes! We love sleep and confirm it’s vital in our daily routine, as you’ll make it for yourself. But most definitely the week before your wedding and any of your wedding activities to form sure you’re looking your best. you would possibly be so excited that you simply find it hard to nod off, so perhaps employing a sound machine or asking Alexa to play some gentle ocean sounds will help drift you off to blissful REM.

A (gentle) facial

Some people get facials once a month, but we’ve heard and suggest starting 3 months before the marriage and a minimum of getting a really gentle one a month to 2 weeks before is best. Facials have a bent to bring out blemishes but also can give your skin that bright beautiful glow. a minimum of a fortnight before the marriage will allow that blemish to subside and you’ll maintain that pretty glow.


Most important: Destress

Meditate, refill the bathtub for a bath and schedule some massages! There’s such a lot happening as you meet up with the marriage and for your sanity, any thanks to de stressing and relaxation is important. However, you wish to make that happen, make it happen. you’ll be patting yourself on the rear for taking such excellent care of yourself.

Do you have any suggestions on the way to get bridal beauty ready for the large day? allow us to know! We’d like to hear your thoughts.



At Vivienne Atelier, we believe that all brides matter. We LIVE for love!


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