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Wedding Mistakes to Avoid – Bridal Shop Los Angeles

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Los Angeles-based Vivienne Bridal Atelier wants to help you avoid these common wedding pitfalls.

1. High demands. Keep in mind that while your bridesmaids can offer extra help, these friends can also benefit. The only “duties” of the wedding party are emotional support, financial costs for wedding attire and travel, attendance at rehearsals, and a real role on the wedding day. At MOH or BM, the reception of toasts is also traditional. Other assistance these people may offer should not be seen as an obligation, but rather as an act of kindness, including set-up and unloading, transport of ceremonial items, hosting a bridal shower or other party, gratuities, and any other assistance offered.

2. You are too thin. As a bride, you will drive everyone around you crazy if you wait until the last minute to plan and finalize the details. If you’re having trouble planning and prioritizing yourself, get help. You don’t want to be remembered as “one of the brides” who procrastinated and then expected your friends and family to get in on the act, do you?

Don’t attend social events the day before the wedding. The day is for finishing unfinished business, dressing up, in most cases attending rehearsals and dinner, and most importantly, resting for the day ahead. You will need it!

3. There are no guidelines. Without a director, your ceremony leaves too many details for too many people. With a wedding coordinator, one person can coordinate the moves, music, officials, and seating of your wedding party guests, and resolve unforeseen last-minute complications. A coordinator will greatly reduce the stress level of everyone, including you, on your wedding day. So if your location doesn’t have a wedding day coordinator who will also lead your rehearsals, hire one yourself. Wedding coordinators can be a lot more affordable than you might think.

4. Last night’s single life. DO NOT throw your bachelor or bachelorette party the night before the wedding! It may seem like a no-brainer, but many brides still practice the ancient ritual of drinking all night on that fateful night. It’s just not worth it because the bride and groom are bound to feel tired, look tired, drunk, or sad walking down the aisle. If necessary, allow an out-of-town chaperone to arrive a day earlier to help you prepare and celebrate one more night.

5. Don’t go out into the street, Jack. Your wedding day is one of the biggest and most important days of your life. You’ll be exhausted and a little groggy the next day. Leaving is the last thing you want to worry about. Wait at least a few days before going on your honeymoon. Your mind will thank you.

6. Bibbity Bobbity Boo. Wedding dresses are notorious for shipping their gowns at the last minute. Think about it, if you own a wedding dress boutique, you don’t want every wedding gown in your store more than nine months before their wedding. Plan your first fitting well in advance of the wedding. Your final dress fitting should be at least 1 week before your wedding to allow changes to be made.

A tuxedo rental for all employees is a must-try, including my father. Regardless of whether the tailor appears to be taking accurate measurements or not, too many men still show up to weddings in high-waisted or baggy tuxedos.

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7. Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. What’s most important to you, the photographer, the music and dance, the food and wine, the decor, or the ability to accommodate an extensive guest list? Focus your money on your interests. You’ll regret it if you skimp on the things that really matter. However, if you, the newlyweds, don’t pay the bills yourself, you may have to forgo some financial decisions. If that’s the case then you will have to compromise on specific priorities or if you really want expensive photographers to offer to pay for it out of pocket.

8. Have a little faith. DJ is probably the most couple-dominated wedding venue. Too many song requests can interrupt your party. You hire your DJ to decide when and what music to play. You won’t be teaching your caterer step-by-step how to prepare food or your photographer what angles and lenses to use. Limit your DJ wish list to a few favorites and put a ban list on only the songs you hate. Don’t get carried away and have faith.

9. Do it flat! A large number of brides give feedback that they wish they had worn flats after kicking their heels during the reception. You can wait 8-12 hours on your wedding day as a bride. Make sure you put your shoes on on time. Even while wearing shoes, unexpected blisters can form on your feet after a few hours.

10. Don’t Rock the Cash Bar – When it comes to alcohol at your reception, it’s completely up to you what you serve. Whether you decide to perform a full bar, limited cocktails, beer, and wine, or no alcohol at all depends on a variety of factors, including budget. The only option not recommended is the cash bar. Your guest must be generous enough to accept the offer. However, if a guest feels the need for a drink option that isn’t readily available, chances are he or she will be resourceful enough to find one.

Also, ask the bartender not to knock over the tip glass. If you’re hosting a bar, let your catering contact know that you’re comfortable tipping the bartender but don’t want your guests to feel obligated to do so.

Remember to pay attention to your employees. Bridesmaids may feel uncomfortable wearing 4-inch heels, buying new jewelry, or paying for a professional hair or makeup. Personally thank all members of the wedding party for attending your wedding, as well as any family members who helped you. We are always happy to receive a little thank you. Check out our bridal shop los angeles for more information.

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