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A Complete Guide to the Simplest Undergarments For Your Bridal Gown

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If you are engaged over the vacation season, you’ve probably begun the primary steps within the bridal gown shopping process: researching your favorite designers and also deciding the boutiques you would like to buy from. That being said, there’s another crucial step that must get on your radar as you start brooding about your day look: choosing the simplest undergarments for your bridal style! 


Below—we take a deep dive into all of the bras, underwear, and shapewear that you simply got to know about: 



Choosing the proper bra to wear under your bridal gown is important to make sure that your bridal style looks perfect for your big day. you would possibly not even need a bra for your gown counting on the development of your gown. 


For the open back lovers:

Obviously, you would like to settle on a bra that works with the sort of bridal gown that you’ve said “yes” to. If you’ve selected a gown that features a stunning open-back design, then a strapless, adhesive bra is your best bet for providing extra support while keeping you looking pristine in your bridal gown. 


Strapless gowns for the win:

Maybe you opted for an ultra-romantic strapless bridal style—if that’s the case, choose a classic strapless bra that will provide you support all night long. Concerned that your strapless bra won’t give your day look enough structure? inspect long-line bra options on your look for the right lingerie. Long-line bras are attached to a corset-like bodice which will accentuate your natural curves and smooth any lines so there’s no chance for wrinkles. This sort of bra has been a long-standing fav amongst our brides who choose strapless wedding dresses!


The perfect bra shape for your plunging V-neckline:

For those donning a gown with a plunging V-neckline, a plunging bra is your best bet. While this sort of bra doesn’t appear as if it adds much support, there’s usually extra padding along the edges so as to make sure that everything stays in position. 


Pro-tip: ask your seamstress to stitch your required bra into your dress in order that you’ll have built-in supportable to continue your big day . 




Choosing the proper quiet underwear is vital to creating your bridal gown to look impeccable. 


It’s a breeze with a gown style:

For the brides-to-be who have picked a more voluminous style, you’ll be a touch bolder together with your wedding lingerie as you won’t need to worry about creases. Basically, you’ve got the posh to wear whatever quiet undergarment you want! 


Seamless options for fit and flare gowns:

If you opted for a more fitted gown with less structure that hangs along the natural curvature of the body, consider choosing a seamless nude-colored thong which will lie without creases underneath your gown. you’ll also find high-tech lace which will achieve an equivalent effect if you’re wanting a sexier day lingerie option. 


Mermaid wedding dresses = shapewear:

Finally, if you’re the type of bride-to-be who chose a horny mermaid bridal gown that accentuates every line on your body, then you would like to see out different sorts of shapewear to don underneath your gown! The one thing to remember when buying shapewear is how it fits on your body. Does it cut you off at the waist creating lines where there shouldn’t be? Then that shapewear either isn’t made well or is just too small. High-waisted thongs usually solve this issue but if you’re wanting more coverage, a fuller slip is usually an option!



A little bonus section for our favorite alternative lingerie options.


Dreamy satin slips

Honestly, we can’t consider anything that’s more romantic than a fragile slip. Lightweight satin slips are the right undergarment for brides-to-be who are wearing a seamless fit and flare bridal gown or relaxed sheath gown. Satin slips can smooth any wrinkles and make sure that your day look stays in situ as you dance the night away with those you’re keen on most. Plus, if you’ve got an illusion lace overlay, a satin stick in a rather different color is perfect thanks to adding subtle dimension to your bridal style. 


Built-in corsets

We’re hooked on this type of shapewear because it’s already built into your gown! Wedding dresses that feature corsets evoke a one-of-a-kind vintage-inspired feel and also provides a wide-ranging fit that flatters any body shape. This sort of subtle shapewear is particularly gorgeous when paired with A-line or gown wedding dresses.


At Vivienne Atelier, we believe that all brides matter. We LIVE for love!

We understand that picking a wedding gown is a big deal and takes a lot of planning. Please check it out at our bridal shop phoenix or set an appointment.


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